Who are we?

We make travelling easier for everyone, regardless of nationality or spoken language by using a universally understood process with color coding.
Imagine walking into an airport and immediately being able to recognize where you need to go without reading a sign or asking for help.

The PAMS system was designed to ease the stress of traveling by providing our travelers that are burdened with language barriers, hearing impairments and visual impairments a universal, easy to understand, color coded directive and informational system.
Public Access Management System (PAMS) can facilitate movement throughout the airport and reduce confusion and wait times during the boarding process at the gate by creating a universally understood and inclusive environment, using remote controlled, colored LED lights on an easily transportable barrier.

Meet our team

Montana Lorenzo

Montana is the heart and soul of PAMS. He and Kenley developed the concept, then Montana constructed the LED lit barrier, applied for the San Diego Airport Innovative Lab Program, attended the program after PAMS was chosen as a participant and continues to be the face, facilitator and contact for the PAMS product development.

Kenley Blackmore

Kenley came up with the idea of color coded lights as directional aids. He and Montana combined their ideas to create the PAMS.

Danitza Lorenzo

Danitza uses her graphic design degree to create the logos for the product and the site. She provides assistance and advice with the PAMS product development.

Laura Lorenzo

Laura is a material engineer that advises on construction technique and materials, proposal writing and business matters, as well as financially investing in the product.

Rhonda Moore

Rhonda assists with communication and business matters.

Sara Haight

Sara assists with research.

Loi Nguyen

Loi contributes financially to the development of the product.

Bobby Moore

Bobby contributes financially to the development of the product.