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Airport Visual Informational System

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The Solution

Imagine walking into an airport and immediately being able to recognize where you need to go without reading a sign or asking for help.


What people say?

A truly amazing new invention that may just solve one of the biggest problems I encounter while traveling.
Felix Ramirez
Ceo & Founder , HEAVYIRON®
Wow! Finally something designed for busy airports that will definitely help out with visual information about my flight.
Billy Armstrong
Head Of Sales , ocolex llc

Making Traveling Easier by Design & Innovation

About PAMS

The PAMS system was designed to ease the stress of traveling by providing our travelers that are burdened with language barriers, hearing impairments and visual impairments a universal, easy to understand, color coded directive and informational system.
Public Access Management System (PAMS) can facilitate movement throughout the airport and reduce confusion and wait times during the boarding process at the gate by creating a universally understood and inclusive environment, using remote controlled, colored LED lights on an easily transportable barrier.

This System is universally understood, no matter where you come from or what language you speak.”

Montana Lorenzo – founder


Designed for Visual Guidance

Reduce confusion and waiting times during the boarding process

Elements of PAMS

Visually Stunning and Immensely Scalable

p a m s

Retractable / Color Coded


RDMC Project

RDMC Rapid Development Module Carrier

The Rapid Development Module Carrier Design resulted in two issued US Patents.

The ELS Emergency Lighting System Project

1000 Lumen Battery Powered Lighting that Provide 180 Degree Lighting That Can Be Placed Anywhere.

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